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St. Patrick's Day parade gets social

Visit Savannah's Amy Brock Visit Savannah's Amy Brock

Social media's working overtime during the Savannah St. Patrick's Day festivities. It even helped get Savannah garner even more national attention.

Visit Savannah's Twitter feed was lighting up with pictures and tweets. It also included updates from Facebook and Instagram – any content with the hashtag #savstpats.

Instantly, a few popular national bloggers retweeted a few Visit Savannah tweets and the parade coverage via social media starting going worldwide.

It was that simple. WTOC also tweeted and posted photos and updates on Facebook. The city of Savannah also tapped into Twitter and Facebook to get out the latest information about the parade and festival.

Visit Savannah's tourism and social media guru Amy Brock showed me a few tricks and explained how the hashtag system worked to get Savannah its due national spotlight.

"There is so much information out there and this year everyone is using the hashtag savstpats, so what we are doing is pulling photos from that hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and Google Plus and we are repurposing the content and pushing it out there all over the city," Brock said. 

Whatever they were doing was working – several photos made the newsfeeds on the social media platforms.

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