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Tim's Take: St. Patrick's Day Parade


There is no watering down the tradition of St. Patrick's Day in Savannah.

The parade moved through the streets between raindrops. And many accompanying traditions were carried on around it regardless of conditions.

"I can't imagine,'' said Savannah resident Lisa Wood, "being anywhere else but here.''

Here was where many Savannahians found themselves once again this morning, back in the places they've always been for St. Patrick's Day. That might have been a familiar street corner, the steps of the Cathedral or, for some groups, it was finding their way back to a prime spot in Lafayette Square.

"Every year we're here,'' said Savannah resident Steve Moldenhauer. "We've been doing it for a long time, 10 years at least. Some people went over to mass in the morning and came back. For us, this is where we want to be.''

"We are diehards,'' added Wood, who was part of another group in Lafayette. "We always come, no matter the weather. And we've been doing it for decades, literally decades.''

Just around the corner on Abercorn Street., Betty Butler's daughters were holding on to her tradition in their own way.

Butler had been a regular at St. Patrick's Day parades in Savannah. So, when she passed away in October, her daughters knew there was nowhere else they could possibly spend the day.

"We are continuing her tradition,'' said Marcia Phillips, one of three daughters among several more of Butler's relatives who were honoring her memory by being in Savannah today. "We are not letting her go. So we're here for her. All of her daughters are here and we're just having a great time.''

A great time is Savannah's biggest St. Patrick's Day tradition, one that's deterred by a little rain.

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