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Sylvania investing in school security

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Sylvania City Schools is investing in security at its buildings, adding new glass and locks on classroom doors.

Of course, the first line of defense against a potential intruder is the front door. The district installed new Lexan windows, which are more difficult to break.

In case an intruder was to get inside the building, the district has installed deadbolt locks on each classroom door. They've also constructed new communication rooms with surveillance monitors.

"What can we do to make what is traditionally a soft target, schools or universities, into a harder target for, in other words making it harder for someone to get into your building or into your classroom," said Assistant Superintendent Scott Nelson.

Parents say it's sad these steps are needed, but agree they are a good idea.

"Unfortunately we have to do that now, I mean it makes me kind of sad that your kids have to practice things like that, but I feel really good about having a school community that is able to put those additional security measures into their classrooms," said Dawn Miller.

The district has spent about $150,000 on the improvements.

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