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FBI crime data shows 3.5 percent drop in Birmingham crime

Source: WBRC video Source: WBRC video

Birmingham Police say crime isn't just down in the city but it's the lowest it's been in nearly 30 years.

City officials base that data on the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting, which has been collecting since 1985.

They say there has been a 3.5 percent drop in overall crimes including major offenses like murders. Police leaders credit its officers, investigators and residents for the drop.

"It's very imperative that the community's involved with law enforcement if law enforcement want to be successful around the nation. So we have our community here that has really stepped up to the plate and has really helped us out. So with all those working parts, all those working together, that's how we've been successful and that's how we will continue to be successful," BPD spokesman Sean Edwards said.

The data also encompasses new crime categories such as the expanded definition of rape and the addition of unauthorized use of a vehicle, which is a misdemeanor theft.

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