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TARTA busses running, even in level 3 snow emergency

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

While most of the city shuts down during a level three snow emergency, there's one place you'll actually see an increase in business.

"People rely on TARTA. They know that they're subject to arrest if they go out on a level 3 snow emergency," said TARTA Marketing Director Steve Atkinson.

With nearly a foot of snow on the ground, you'll still see TARTA buses rolling around town. While drivers are told to stay off the road during a level 3, TARTA buses are considered essential, because essential personnel often board them.

"Our buses are out there to take them to medical appointments, if they need to get to the store, to work. Work trips are the number one trip on TARTA," said Atkinson.

While today's ride wasn't quite as smooth as normal, riders are happy to have the option to ride TARTA.

"It's been OK. They've been sliding, but they made it down here," said one rider.

The slick roads caused two TARTA buses to crash Wednesday. One of them skidded off the road near Glendale Avenue.  It had to be towed out, but no passengers were on board at the time of the crash.

"Our drivers have a lot of responsibility. Safety is number one," said Atkinson.

Keeping safety in mind, TARTA posted on its website it's limiting some routes due to impassable roads.

Officials say one way riders can avoid having to wait out in the elements for a long time, is with the "TARTA Tracker app."

"Passengers know that the bus has arrived and they can wait inside, and then once the bus shows up, they can go out and not have to wait out in the cold. It's a very convenient, user-friendly system," said Atkinson.

Click here for more information or to download the TARTA Tracker app.

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