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Brutal winter squeezing Springfield Township budget


With record snowfall and below-zero temperatures, it has been a brutal winter for just about everyone in northwest Ohio. One area township says the snow, ice and cold could force cuts to the budget.

 Springfield Township officials say the township has spent around $100,000 on winter and snow related costs this year. That is compared to just $28,000 last winter.

"We are going to have to make some cuts, some budget cuts. Particularly with the, with the purchases of new equipment, you know possibly cut into the road work, maintaining some of our road work," said Director of Public Service Mike Hampton.

Hampton says plow driver overtime has been the biggest expense. The township has spent over $58,000 on labor this winter. That number was just $10,000 last winter. The timing of the snow has also contributed. Most of the snow has fallen on the weekends this winter, meaning the township has to pay plow drivers time and a half to plow.

More salt has also been laid on Springfield Township streets. The township spent $47,000 on salt this winter, compared to $12,000 last winter. Maintenance costs are also up this winter, from $500 to about $2,000.

Those numbers are not final yet, though. The StormTrack weather team is calling for 4-6 inches of snow to fall between Tuesday evening and noon Wednesday.

"The only positive thing about this winter storm is it's falling at a good time of the day where our labor forces are already here at work, and we should be able to get a handle on this without using too many overtime hours," said Hampton.

The township is currently working with its financial officer to nail down what may need to be cut.

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