Editorial comments: Sexual assaults at Tutwiler Prison for Women

The following comments were generated from an editorial by FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, which first aired on Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

Helen - Sylacauga

I think it's so bad when they can not go in there and take cameras in there. Because I have a niece that was in there. That's a terrible thing that keeps on going after all these years and someone should make sure everything's appropriate in that prison.

Daniel - Gadsden

I think the government should let the cameras in the Tutwiler Prison. I have a sister that's in prison and I don't appreciate the stuff that's going on down there. They need to do something and do something quick.


Pretty sure they won't let you in because they have something to hide. And the prisoners, I can imagine what they're going through. They're probably afraid out of their head. They made a mistake, they there for correction you, I don't think they should be used and abused like that. But, continue to look in to that. Please get inside.


Prisoners there, I mean they're being treated the wrong way and it should be wrong. I'm in the free world and I could be arrested for doing the same thing. So, how can a prison official get away with it? That's pure BS.

Susan - Pinson

I used to be in prison and jail ministry and have had to go to Tutwiler quite a few times. The conditions there are worse than most of us even have our dogs in. The overcrowding is tremendously bad. It's, the facility is so old that there's no way to keep it cool, it's freezing cold in the winter. The meat that is brought in to the prison has stamped on side of the box 'not for human consumption'. I have heard over and over about rapes. The situation down there is unacceptable. It's bad enough when they go in but when you put someone but when you put someone through that kind of mental stress along with being afraid all of the time then you're going to come out with a worse person than went in.

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