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LMPD: Man passes out getting haircut, girlfriend's pants on wrong-side-out, both charged

Kevin P. Skaggs (Source: LMDC) Kevin P. Skaggs (Source: LMDC)
Kymber Briley (Source: LMDC) Kymber Briley (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville man and his girlfriend are both facing drug-related charges after a pair of incidents on Dixie Highway Tuesday night.

According to an arrest report, Kevin P. Skaggs, 25, got a haircut at Supercuts at 10629 Dixie Highway around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and then passed out in the chair. A police officer responding to the scene noticed Skaggs' skin was extremely pale, which is a sign of heroin use, his eyes were glossy, and he spoke with slow and slurred speech.

Skaggs consented to being searched, the report states, and told the officer he had nothing on his person that could cut or poke the officer. The officer found an uncapped needle in Skaggs' left pants pocket, according to the arrest report.

Police said Skaggs was obviously under the influence and unable to control his state of consciousness, so he was placed under arrest for his own safety.

A short time after police were called to Supercuts, they received a call about a woman down the street who walked with a slow, unsteady gait, had glossy eyes and slurred speech, and whose pants were on inside-out and unbuttoned.

According to a separate arrest report, Kymber M. Briley, 19, told police she was unable to find a way home from the hair salon, and that if she did find a way home, she planned to ride her bicycle down a dark stretch of Dixie Highway to get to work. Police identified Briley as Skaggs' girlfriend.

Police said they arrested Briley because she was under the influence of an undetermined substance and unable to make rational decisions.

Briley and Skaggs are charged with public intoxication. Skaggs is also charged with theft of services and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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