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Rantankerous: Life stinks, but basketball is worse

(Source: Bitstrips/Facebook) (Source: Bitstrips/Facebook)

Rantankerous [ran-tank'uhr-us] (adjective) - A combination of rant [to speak in a wild or extravagant manner] and cantankerous [contentious, disagreeable]. The word is the only suitable description for the arguments between Brian "What We Learned" Tynes and George "Hot Reads" Jones.

(RNN) - It was an exciting weekend for people who are basketball fans, but one half of the Rantankerous team makes it clear he is not.

The start of one of the most exciting sporting events of the year, the NCAA Tournament, is aptly timed because Brian needs firm convincing this is a sport worth watching.

Also this week, we provide a sneak peek at another prestigious tournament (hopefully), which will decide the greatest sports movie of all time.

Finally, the usefulness of the kicker is in the hands of the NFL rules committee, but we can settle that issue right here.

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