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Your Week in Pop Culture: Latest Jean Claude Van Damme viral video rocks ... IN SPACE

Jean Claude Van Damme's epic split from the Volvo ad takes on zero-gravity. (Source: Linh Mai/YouTube) Jean Claude Van Damme's epic split from the Volvo ad takes on zero-gravity. (Source: Linh Mai/YouTube)

(RNN) – Action hero and '90s relic Jean Claude Van Damme has made quite the comeback in the last few months.

After dominating YouTube in November with the epic (but obviously computer created) split between two Volvo trucks, Van Damme's extraordinary agility has taken him where few men have gone before – space.

Director Linh Mai created the latest Van Damme video spoof, turning the actor into a limber astronaut, and depicts him doing a split between two satellites - all while not selling a thing but Van Damme's awesomeness. With the Earth as the greatest background ever, the video ends with one sentence: "One split for man, one giant leap for mankind."

The internet just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Totally random from the internet: David Byrne covers the Biz Markie classic 'Just A Friend'

There is only one man who could cover the '80s classic Just a Friend in overalls and totally rock it out, and that's former Talking Head's front man David Byrne.

According to Gawker, Byrne performed the cover at a benefit in New York City hosted by a group that "raises awareness of the fact that only songwriters, never performers, get paid when a song is played on the radio." The cause has been one close to Byrne recently, especially during a spat with ex-Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who used one of Byrne's song in a 2010 political campaign ad without his permission. Byrne made Crist apologize on YouTube, marking one of the few times a political figure has admitted to stealing something and apologizing for it.

TV: Gladiators rejoice, 'Scandal' is back after long hiatus

Grab on to your white hats and designer coats, everyone – Scandal is back.

Gladiators on Twitter will be thrilled Thursday night as Olivia Pope and Associates gather back around the table for the continuation of season 3. The Shonda Rhimes' hit Washington, DC drama has been on hiatus since December, cutting shows to finish wrapping before star Kerry Washington began to show signs of pregnancy. Why couldn't they write in an Olitz love child? Wouldn't that be SCANDALOUS?!

For those of you that cannot wait until 10 p.m. ET, here is a little taste of what's to come.

Music: Soundgarden celebrates re-release of debut album with SXSW appearance

Soundgarden fans wanting to relive their glory days will be pleased with the band's recent announcement that they will re-release their 1994 debut album Superunknown.

The special edition, out on June 3, will feature digitally re-mastered tracks on two deluxe reissues and will also come on vinyl. Pre-orders of the album will begin March 11.

Jam of the Week: Soundgarden, Black Hole Sun  

The announcement also comes with the band's addition to the South by Southwest lineup, playing the entire Superunknown album on the third night of the iTunes Festival, held in conjunction with SXSW, on March 13.

Movies: The box office still dominated by LEGOS!

Here's last weekend's Top 5, according to Box Office Mojo (listed next to previous week's ranking and weekend gross):

  1. The LEGO Movie (1) $31,305,359
  2. 3 Days to Kill (NR) $12,242,218
  3. Pompeii (NR) $10,340,823
  4. Robocop (3) $9,805,051
  5. The Monuments Men (4) $7,912,276

In theaters: Feb. 28

Son of God – A new breed of biblical storytelling by executive producers and couple Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (who didn't love Touched by an Angel?) tells of the life and times of Jesus Christ. The film stars Diogo Morgado as Jesus.

Non-Stop - In what seems like a classic thriller storyline, an air marshal tries to save a flight after he gets a series of text messages from killers who want to murder some of the passengers unless they get – yes, you guessed it – millions of dollars placed into an offshore account. And this is why people want cell phones on planes. The film stars Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and Lupita Nyong'o.

Also in theaters: The Lunchbox, Stalingrad, Repentance, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (re-release)

Tumblr of the week: House of Carbs

Everyone knows you've been binge-watching season 2 of House of Cards on Netflix. It's good isn't it? (No spoilers, I haven't watched it yet!)

People binge-watching it probably have moved their refrigerators next to their couches and have been eating a ton of food, too. You've got take-out numbers on speed dial, the Chinese restaurant knows your order by heart and you've got beer on deck.

When you take a break, go to Tumblr and check out the House of Carbs blog to fulfill your cravings between getting lost in Kevin Spacey's sexy southern accent and Robin Wright's piercing stare. It's well done.

A little something from YouTube: Goats bouncing on a steel ribbon, anyone?

I will never understand a person's love of goats.

Videos across YouTube have them yelling like humans, fighting each other and the like, but this one even caught our eye.

These four goats are having a little fun bouncing on a steel ribbon in a nondescript field. It's not clear as to why this is funny, but even I got a little cackle out of it. Maybe it's the fact that they want to share in the fun so much, they are taking turns.

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