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Union Springs store clerk comes within inches of death; shooter still on the loose

Anthony Scott Anthony Scott

Too close for comfort. "I saw the shooter and I stepped back," said Anthony Scott.

Scott is a three-year employee with the Citgo convenience store in Union Springs. Scott's life almost came to a horrific end, a mere 6 inches away from certain death after facing an armed robber.

It happened early Friday morning.

Scott was on the job with a fellow employee when a man barged inside with a gun. The suspect demanded money and got it.. all $20 of it but apparently that wasn't enough to satisfy him.

"I thought he was going to kill me. It's a good thing I stepped out of the way," said Scott.

In all the gunman fired two rounds. The first bullet whizzed by Scott's chest and struck the Coke machine. The second one pierced the back door inside the store, two unmistakable holes and leaving an Anthony Scott shakened.

"That's the closest I've ever come to death," Scott said.

Business owner Laldus Patel says someone else was in the store that morning; God!

"Oh, I'm not mad because God is always with us, you know what I mean?" said Patel.

As of now Union Springs police say they don't have any leads and it appears the gunman acted alone. Authorities do have store video that recorded the entire thing.

Scott says it was difficult to get a good look of the armed suspect because he was wearing a mask. Scott does remember the man wearing white gloves.

It's back to business at the Citgo for Patel and Scott, holding on to hope and prayer this never happens again.

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