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ACC Weekend: Degrees of separation

Boston College and Virginia Tech have a few things in common, but knocking off top-ranked opponents is not one of them. (Source: Boston College and Virginia Tech have a few things in common, but knocking off top-ranked opponents is not one of them. (Source:

(RNN) - In our reflection on Syracuse's fall from the ranks of the unbeaten at the hands of Boston College, let's play "Six Degrees of Syracuse-BC."

1. Syracuse beat Duke in an overtime game that set an attendance record.

2. Duke's Jabari Parker and Notre Dame's Pat Connaughton are tied for the ACC lead in defensive rebounds per game.

3. Connaughton led Notre Dame with 22 points in a loss to Miami on Wednesday.

4. Miami has lost to Virginia Tech twice this season.

5. Virginia Tech has lost to Boston College twice this season - the Eagles' only ACC wins before upsetting Syracuse.

That was fun, and we only needed five degrees, which is still four more than many "student-athletes" get when they leave school. In some cases, it's five more.

Let's do it again, this time with BC and the NCAA Tournament.

1. The last time BC made the Tournament was in 2009.

2. The next time they make it is anybody's guess.

Enjoy the glow of this win while it lasts, Eagles fans.

Saturday games (all times eastern)

North Carolina at Wake Forest, noon

What will UNC (19-7, 9-4) do for an encore after beating Duke in a snow-delayed battle at the Dean Dome?

Well, the Tar Heels will crash the boards as a reminder to the Deacons (14-12, 4-9) that it is late February, and the rebounding prowess they showed two months ago means nothing now.

And not only will UNC's fans storm the court, the ushers will make sure each of the 20,000-plus Tar Heels faithful goes home with a tiny piece of the net.

Why? Because, why not? Apparently, you can storm the court for anything nowadays, including well-run concession stands.

"They didn't run out of mustard! Everybody to the floor."

Notre Dame at No. 14 Virginia, 2 p.m.

ACC Weekend hasn't mentioned the Fighting Irish (14-13, 5-9) in a while. Now that we got that over with…

Just kidding. Really.

If you've got a second, check out the parity for Notre Dame's top scorers, Garrick Sherman, Eric Atkins and Connaughton - 13.8, 13.8 and 13.6 points, respectively.

Sherman is an especially interesting study. His highest scoring games this season (29, 21, 21, 20) have all been in losses. If you have a 6'11" senior center doing that plus pulling down eight or nine rebounds in losses, it's a sign you have a lot of work to do on the recruiting trail.

Meanwhile, Virginia (22-5, 13-1) continues doing Virginia-type things - making opponents feel like they're having teeth pulled and showing up at the last possible second to pull out wins. The team is a perfect representative of the political capital of America.

No. 1 Syracuse at No. 5 Duke, 7 p.m.

The sequel will be just as good as the original, but don't count on another attendance record. Syracuse plays in an airplane hangar. Duke plays in a closet, and that is a genuine compliment.

The debate about who is the best freshman in the country - Parker or Syracuse's Tyler Ennis - won't be decided in this game. Or maybe it will.

Forget best freshman. Both of these guys are in serious consideration for best overall player in America.

Big game, small gym. Jim Boeheim's scowl. Mike Krzyzewski's hair. This should be fun.

Also on deck

Clemson at Georgia Tech, noon

Boston College at Miami, noon

NC State at Virginia Tech, 2 p.m.

Sunday game

Florida State at Pitt, 6 p.m.

Pitt (20-6, 8-5) has dropped out of the top 25, and FSU has dropped out of ACC Weekend's list of teams that could give the conference a heart attack.

Actually, such a list never existed, but in the off chance the Seminoles (15-11, 6-8) had pulled off a few big upsets (and they still can), ACCW would have retroactively taken credit for calling that shot.

It's not cheating. It's creative prognostication.

Hey, guess what? The Panthers (20-6, 8-5) might actually win another game at home this year!

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