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12 NEWS DEFENDERS: Wal-Mart sends corporate executives to Troy store

WSFA 12 News reporter Hannah Lane speaks with a Wal-Mart executive at the Troy Wal-Mart. WSFA 12 News reporter Hannah Lane speaks with a Wal-Mart executive at the Troy Wal-Mart.

Fed up with conditions in the town's only Wal-Mart, Troy residents reached out to the 12 News Defenders for help.

We found filthy conditions, poor customer service and merchandise nearly non-existent. Less than 48 hours after WSFA 12 News Defenders uncovered the conditions, executives from the Wal-Mart corporate office came to the city to see for themselves.

"The community as a whole is very passionate about the store and when we aren't living up to their expectations, it really is an issue we need to address," said Keith Morris, Wal-Mart Community Affairs Director.

Top executives say the store was far from meeting the company and community standards. Although unable to detail exactly what steps are being taken, they say changes are certainly in the works. 

"You will see some in visible things in terms of assortment and offerings, but I don't think there is any doubt that we are taking it very seriously and living up to our end of the bargain," Morris said. 

While in the city, executives met with Troy Mayor Jason Reeves who said, "I think the right people know that there is a problem and I feel comfortable they will get things on the right track and I think that has already begun."

The 12 News Defenders once again visited the store and this time we were escorted around, allowed to capture what was taking place. Shelves were being stocked and the store looked clean. Customers say they are once again eager to shop there.

"I'll make it my home again," said Walter Still, a Troy resident. "There is food everywhere, the drinks are stocked up and it's cleaner."

Brundidge Resident, Inez Black chimed in saying, "floors are shiny and all things are stocked and it's really nice in here, lots of improvement."

"We just want it fixed, we want things to be better," Cathi Grant said. "We deserve this."

Shoppers believe with corporate involved it will stay this way even after they're gone.

"They said they want to come back in 6 months and see the same thing they have seen today," said Grant. "If this doesn't happen there are going to be major problems."

"Just because we are here now and looking at the situation that's being discussed, doesn't mean it should be something we forget about in a week," said Morris. "This is a commitment." 

Since we broke this story, viewers in other cities have told us they feel some of their Wal-Mart stores aren't up to standard either. We asked Keith Morris about those concerns. He says this is not a company-wide problem and local managers do have discretion to fix any issues. He encourages shoppers to let them know if they have problems so they can be addressed.

If you see a community issue that needs addressing, contact the 12 News Defenders. Email us as much information as possible at defenders@wsfa.com.​

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