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Good Day Alabama for February 18, 2014

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for February 18, 2014:

JEH JEH LIVE - The Alabama Ballet presents Romeo + Juliet Friday through Sunday at the Wright Center at Samford University. Choreographed by Associate Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer Roger Van Fleteren, the seductive story traces the journey of two star-crossed lovers whose innocence and profound love tragically seals their fates. The lyric beauty and power of dance give physical substance to hate, passion, innocence and betrayal, as Romeo and Juliet's attempts to escape the violence that surrounds them lead not to the fulfillment of their dreams but to misunderstanding, tragedy and death. For more information, call (205) 975-2787 and

- Every year, millions of Americans make weight loss their resolution for the New Year, and according to experts, the majority of them will fail within the first few weeks.  The truth is, diets DON'T work.   Permanent, healthy weight loss is not achieved through dieting, avoiding certain foods or using artificial food substitutes. Losing weight successfully (and keeping it off) is done by changing your mindset on eating. According to Paul McKenna, world renowned self-help expert, hypnotist, and author, diets are the real problem - not the solution.  His approach to helping people lose weight has been scientifically proven time after time. For people who have struggled with weight and food, McKenna has detailed an easier, safer, and more effective solution to weight loss in his latest project Hypnotic Gastric Band which  involves four golden rules:
1)     When you are hungry, eat!
2)    Eat what you want, not what you think you should.
3)    Whenever you eat, do it consciously.
4)    When you think you are full, stop eating!
Paul McKenna, PhD, is an international bestselling self-help author whose books have sold more than six million copies and been translated into 32 languages. Recognized by The Times of London as one of "the world's most important modern self-help gurus," Dr. McKenna has appeared on Good Morning America, The Early Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rachael Ray, and The Dr. Oz Show. He is regularly watched on TV by hundreds of millions of people in 42 countries around the world. He lives in Los Angeles.
BOBBY DEEN - Craving a home-cooked meal that can be made while the kids watch one of their favorite 30-minute cartoons? #1 New York Times Bestseller and Cooking Channel Star Bobby Deen is back with his new book "Bobby Deen's Everyday Eats: 120 All-New Recipes All Under 350 Calories, All Under 30 Minutes." It's time to subscribe to Bobby's philosophy: "If you keep it simple and load up your meals with great flavor, maintaining a balanced diet will start to feel like no big deal."  Everyone loves a home -cooked meal, but unfortunately during the craziness of the week, getting dinner on the table often means sacrificing healthier, lower calorie meals. Bobby, who now spends most of his weeknights cooking with his new wife Claudia, is here to show you how easy it can be to get a tasty and satisfying lo-cal meal on the table in no time flat. This is the only cookbook you'll need for fast, delicious, and-most importantly-healthy weeknight eating throughout the year.

 BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin and her researchers put the new Burger King "Satisfries" to the test! Burger King claims its regular fries have 240 calories while it's new "satisfries" have 190 calories per service. Beth and her research team purchased orders of each type of fry and went through an intense process to weigh them, dry them out, grind them up, use petroleum ether to remove fat, and then the "bomb calorimeter" to determine the calories and calories from fat. After her tests, the UAB researchers found that the order of Burger King's regular fries had 232.1177 Calories - less than Burger King reports even. And the UAB tests showed the Satisfries have 190.8891 Calories - right on target with what Burger King reports. Also, the testing showed that the regular fries are 11.22% fat by weight and the Satisfries are 7.9% fat by weight. So Beth says Burger King was pretty much spot on with its calculations. How exactly did BK lower the fat?  One thing you may notice is that the Satisfries are larger - so, less surface area probably means less total fat absorption. But it also claims to use a special coating on the fries to lower fat absorption. Will this lowering of calories have an impact? We're talking a difference of 50 calories here - so I would say that if you eat fries a lot and choose these that perhaps over time - with other changes, it could make a difference. Beth applauds BK for a step in the right direction.  But of course, the big test is taste? Will people actually eat them? By most accounts, they are a little dry and simply do not taste as good as the regular. Her advice? Enjoy your fries but eat less - whatever kind you choose!

MONEY TUESDAY - Can you overfund your Roth IRA? Stewart Welch joined us to explain what this means and how you can do it. For 2014, you are allowed to contribute 100% of earnings up to $5,500 ($6,500 if you are age 50 or over during the calendar year).  For joint filers, your eligibility to contribute to a Roth begins to get phased out if your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is $181,000 and is fully phased out with MAGI of $191,000…meaning if you earn more than $191,000 you are not eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA.  For single filers the phase out is between $114,000 and $129,000.  The IRS imposes a 6% excise tax on contributions plus the earnings on those contributions where you were not eligible.  Here are four strategies you can use to address your issue:
1. Elect to reverse the transaction.  If it turns out you made ineligible contributions, you can have your broker 'reverse' the transaction and return your excess contributions plus the earnings on those excess contributions prior to filing your tax return for 2014 (including extensions) and all will be forgiven.
2. Elect to convert your Roth to a non-deductible IRA.
3. Wait until the end of 2014 or early 2015 to contribute to your Roth IRA.  

4. Use the secret strategy Stewart uses. His partner, Hugh Smith, CPA discovered a little-known loop-hole in the tax law that allows you to circumvent the income phase-out rules for Roth contributions.  For more information, visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, do you have a great cornbread recipe? The folks at Martha White want to know all about it! Tune in to find out how you can turn in your recipe to see if it's the best! The childrens' doctor joins us to take your questions! We check you out what's going on at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens! Mickey visits with his friends at the Birmingham Zoo! And Jeh Jeh brings us live music from a local choir! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama.

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