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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Feb. 17th-Cable Barrier Delay

Why does it take so long to get things done?

Case in point, it was decided months ago that life saving cable barriers would be installed in the median along Interstate 20 in Bossier and Webster parishes. The barriers would be similar to these already in place on highways throughout Texas and Arkansas. They are proven life savers preventing out of control cars from crossing the median and slamming into traffic coming the other way.

But here we are and the installation is already five months behind schedule. State highway officials blame dirt for the hold up. They say dirt needed for the project has not yet been approved. Why is that so difficult? Weather is also an excuse.

Families of those killed in crossover accidents are trying to keep the pressure on state officials to get the barriers installed. But it may take the intervention of state lawmakers in north Louisiana to step up and get this project back on track before others are needlessly killed.

I'm James Smith.

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