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Northport 9-year-old honored for saving his father's life

Conner Renfroe. Source: WBRC video Conner Renfroe. Source: WBRC video

Nine-year-old Conner Renfroe is being called a hero for coming to the rescue of his dad. In late January, Conner saw his dad Bo black out when he had a seizure.

"I was scared," Conner said.

But then Conner found his courage.

"I went to go get help from my neighbor's that's my cousin and they got 911," Conner said.

Conner then ran back to be by his dad's side until help arrived. Bo Renfroe was then taken to DCH Hospital and treated for his seizure.

For Conner's actions, the city of Northport honored Conner at Monday's city council meeting. Conner was awarded the Fire Chief's Commendation trophy and Mayor Bobby Herndon declared February 17, 2014 as "Connner Renfroe Day" in the city.

"I'm standing next to a hero," Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon said.

"Coming from the mayor, it made me feel really good," Conner said. "I was excited about that. That's pretty cool."

Bo Renfroe said his son did exactly what he was taught to do that day and that is to help those in need.

"I don't know what I would have done if he didn't do anything," Bo said. "Me and him are best friends. It really scared him. So for him just to know exactly what to do is great."

The Renfroe family encourages other families to have similar emergency plans because they say having the right plan could be the difference between the life and death.

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