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Insurance agents stay busy after 2 snowstorms in 2 weeks

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Insurance agent Joe Fuller says Mother Nature packing not one but two punches of snow and ice in the last two weeks has really kept his office busy.

"I came in the business in 1967 and this is the busiest I've ever seen for automobile claims," said Fuller.

The agent said people have been filing all sorts of claims, and the rush might not be over. All the sand and dirt left behind from road crews can also damage vehicles, like when a rock flies up and hits your windshield.

The good news is your policy probably covers you.

"The city is doing the best they can to help people. There is no real liability there. It's the perils of the road. And your policy would kick in with whatever deductible you have," said Fuller.

And what about the next time Mother Nature decides to bring snow Alabama's way? Fuller says in most circumstances you're probably protected, even if you drive on a road that has been closed.

"If you've got an off the wall policy you might want to check with your insurance agency, check it and read it closely, but the mainstream insurance companies are going to cover you anywhere anytime," he said.

Of course every policy is different and it's best to consult your insurance agent with specific questions.

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