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Hoover PD say scammer is posing as law enforcement officer

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Hoover Police are warning residents about a scam that has been reported in the area.

Police say the scammer is calling people pretending to be a law enforcement officer and is reportedly very forceful and aggressive and works hard to sound legitimate.

The person claims to be a captain with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and tells the victim they have a warrant out for their arrest because of a missed court day or because they vehicle was caught on camera running a red light.

The scammer then says the victim can clear it all up by paying fines over the phone. It's at this point that Hoover Police say citizens should hang up and report the scam to local officers.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Randy Christian says no one in his office would ever make this type of contact over the phone. He reiterates that if anyone thinks they may have been targeted, they should call their local law enforcement office.

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