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Winter weather 'hacks' to get you through the storm


If the winter weather is getting you down, here is some relief for you.

If you aren't interested in getting up earlier than usual to scrape potential ice off of your car, a few quick and easy tips can make things easier on you.

First, toss an old area rug, blanket or even some curtains over your windshield. This can serve as a shield against accumulating ice.

Cover your windshield wipers with old socks. This helps keep ice off those, too.

And if you have a tendency to forget to clean your side mirrors, just cover them with a Ziploc bag. When it's time to go, toss this stuff aside, and you should be in pretty good shape.

And if all of this is still too much work for you, just park your car facing east, so the sun can start melting ice of the car for you.

When it comes to health and beauty, we're told taking shorter showers can help combat dry skin. Lukewarm showers, as opposed to hot ones, also don't strip as many oils from your skin.

Using cotton gloves and socks after putting on lotion can help retain the moisture in your skin, as well.

And as far as your emotional state, some say taking extra vitamin D, with your doctor's approval, of course, can help brighten your mood.

East Texans have some winter tips of their own.

Madge says all of her windows that don't have storm windows are covered with window insulator kits, and vents in unused rooms in the house are left just slightly open.

Yvonne bakes bread and makes chili or chicken and dumplings in the crockpot early in the morning, so if the power goes out, the heat from the crock pot will last for hours, keeping the food warm enough to eat; the oven helps heat up the house with its residual warmth.

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