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Sponge could seal bullet wound in 15 seconds


The idea is simple. Save blood, save a life. 

Before Dr. G. Paul Dabrowski was trauma director at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix, he was in the U.S. Navy. Dabrowski spent time treating patients on the front lines in Iraq.

"Bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death on the battlefield. In situations where it's not just an easy ride to the hospital, it can be a very difficult situation," said Dr. G. Paul Dabrowski.

The standard method medics currently use to stop bleeding is to pack the wound with gauze and apply pressure.

That's where RevMedX Vice President John Steinbaugh says XStat is different.

"That's the beauty of this product. Because it applies its own pressure you don't have to put your hand on the wound and hold pressure for three to five minutes," said Steinbaugh.

XStat is made up of a compressed sponge in a syringe. It's injected into the wound. The sponge is coated with a compound that makes blood clot.

"Even if you don't know where the vessel is bleeding from as long as you get the product in the wound it will expand on its own," Steinbaugh said.

The company hopes to have the product approved by the FDA this spring.

Steinbaugh said XStat is funded by the U.S. military.

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