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Today's Most: Criminal's selfie leads to his arrest

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

TODAY'S MOST...Stupid selfie taken by a thief: A man took a selfie from an I-phone that he'd stolen. That wasn't the brightest decision.
The picture went into the account of the woman who owned the phone. So, she was able to access it and recognized the guy because he'd been at the bar where she worked near Palm Beach, Florida.
She sent the picture to police, and they posted the selfie to their facebook page. The selfie got a ton of attention from people who recognized 19-year old Jess Ewald. Someone must have told Ewald that police knew who he was, because he turned himself in and now faces charges.

TODAY'S MOST...Expensive twenty dollar tip: A sanitation worker in New York City's forced to retire because he took a $20 dollar tip while he was working.
56-year old Lenworth Dixon's worked for the NY Department of Sanitation for 25 years. While he was working, he helped one of his female neighbors move some furniture and other stuff off of her lawn. She gave him $20 bucks.
But his bosses found out, fined him $1,500, and told him his career is over. It's illegal for civil servants in NYC to receive any money.   

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