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Gov. Robert Bentley says state has made 'good progress' in storm cleanup

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Governor Robert Bentley tells FOX6 News he's pleased with the progress being made in the storm clean up.

"We have been making good progress. The roads are basically clear. What we want to do is get [abandoned vehicles] off to the side and when it's safe for people to be able to come and get their vehicles."

Bentley says state troopers and National Guard members will continue to patrol several areas to make sure vehicles are safely moved and no vandalism or theft occurs.

He is optimistic about the speed at which the state can recover.

"We'll get through this. The weather will warm up and the ice will go away and people will be able to get their vehicles," he said.

Bentley also commented on the controversy surrounding some municipalities who are towing vehicles before owners can reach them.

"I would like to encourage municipalities to allow us to use our National Guard wrecker services…to actually move cars to the side of the road so that we'll do this safely," he said.

Bentley says there are three large wreckers in service that will patrol the roads and move vehicles to the shoulders or another safe area.

Bentley would not directly comment on whether people would be reimbursed if they are towed and have to pay a wrecker service.

In Leeds, the city attorney said Wednesday that the government would reimburse drivers who were towed there.

FOX6 News also asked Bentely about school snow days. He says that because a state of emergency was declared, students and staff will not have to make up the days they missed. He adds that school teachers and staff will be paid for the inclement weather days this week.

Bentley closed out his call by thanking the many "snow angels" who helped those in need during the winter storms, the many school teachers and staff who kept kids safe overnight and the media for keeping the public informed.

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