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Some still stranded at Boutwell Auditorium


There are still people staying in Boutwell Auditorium on Wednesday night who were stranded on metro area roads.

The majority became stranded when the buses suspended service, they had no one they could call and they were brought to the Boutwell Auditorium.

I had a chance to speak with some of the women and men who are staying there. Many of them had never stayed at a shelter before. For Charles Givens, who is in a wheelchair, he had no way to get home other than the bus. Joyce Wright was at the library. She too had planned on taking the bus. They're both very grateful the city opened their doors. While they appreciate everything, they are ready to get back home- and they know exactly what they're doing when they get home tomorrow

"Lay down in the bed. In an actual bed. I think I'm not going to get up until Saturday morning. That's my first plan: get in the bed, take a hot shower get in the bed," said Givens.

"I want to get home and speak to my grandchildren and my daughter. I can tell them I love them," said Joyce Wright.

The city had no idea, the buses were bringing stranded motorist to the Boutwell, so they had to make accommodations quickly. Last night, they had roughly 700 cots, close to a thousand blankets and food. All of which was made possible with the help of the community.

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