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List of sanded roads in Birmingham

A truck spreads a light amount of sand on Valley Avenue. (Photo: Karen Church) A truck spreads a light amount of sand on Valley Avenue. (Photo: Karen Church)

The City of Birmingham has released their list of the roads that have been sanded so far. We'll keep this list updated as Birmingham releases more information.


Glenwood & Ash (Roebuck)

2299 30th Ave. N.

601 West Blvd. - Eastern Health Clinic

8517 Cedar Bark Circle

11th Ave. S. & 11th Pl.S. (Glen Iris)

2405 31st St. S.W.

Botanical Gardens

Red Mountain Rd. & Carlisle

2423 Wenonah Oxmoor Rd.

4325 49th Ct. N.

Hillcrest Hospital

St.Vincent's Hospital (Southside)

St.Vincent's East

Princeton Hospital

Montclair Rd. Dialysis

U.A.B. Hospital

Trinity Hospital

Lakeshore Pkwy.

Rugby Ave.

Dennison Ave. & 6th Ave. - front of Heritage (McDonald's)

10th Ave. S. - between 24th St. up to 26th St.

204 Lexington St.

Carson Rd.

20th St. viaduct going towards Sherman Heights

Robert Jemison (24th Ave. S.)

Campbell Ln. (North Smithfield Manor)

Glenn Dr. up hill

Winewood Rd.

2072 Golden Crest Rd.

3000 Jeff St. Pkwy.

7th St. W.

21st St. & 11th Ave. S.

9th Ct. & 1200blk Hwy 78 (bridge)

Spencer Ave.

4112 5th Ave. S.

109 2nd Ave. N (Firestation 21)

4316 Ave. O (Firestation 24)

2478 Alton Rd. (Firestation 31)

2001 Ave. I (Firestation 16)

24th St. & Pearson

Arkadelphia & 11th Ct. W.

17th St. S. W. & Spaulding Ishkooda Rd.

Green Springs Hwy. & Green Springs Avenue to 24th St.

Niazuma & Sidney

24th St. Ensley & 10th Ave. S.

4th Ave. S. & 18th St. S.

1500 20th St. S going up to Vulcan

2900 Wilson Rd.

21st Pl. & I 11th Ave. & Magnolia

Industrial Dr. & West Pk. Drive

Wenonah High School (up hill)

20th St. S. & 10th Ave. S.

3600 Ave. D. - bridge

Beacon Pkwy & Valley Crest

725 Mountain Drive - W. J. Christian School

29th St. between Ave. O & P

9th Ct. & 24th St. S.

Overton Rd.

1072 40th St. Ensley

501 96th St. N. (Eastend Public Works)


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