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Young man learns not to mess with Jim Cantore


Jim Cantore, Weather Channel analyst and well-known harbinger of climatological destruction, is in Charleston for the next few days to cover what's being referred to as Winter Storm Leon.

Of course, Cantore has to deal with live shots in the field and that always opens up the potential for shenanigans from people who desperately want to be on television.

And sure enough, that's exactly what happened during a recent live shot at the College of Charleston. 

Shortly after 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Cantore was in the middle of explaining Leon's slow movement into South Carolina when the wails of a young man could be heard from off-camera.

Moments later, the young man runs into Cantore's shot, wailing like a banshee. But Cantore wouldn't let the young man ruin the shot and promptly kneed him in the groin.

The young man bounces off Cantore and sprints off screen immediately.

"Well," Cantore says with a bitter look on his face, "obviously here at the College of Charleston they're already having a good time."

Video of the moment was captured and immediately posted to Vine and YouTube.

No word on who the young man is.

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