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Good Samaritan attacked while trying to defend young woman


Police in La Vergne are on the lookout for the men who attacked a runner while he stopped to help a young woman who was being harassed.

"I came upon four men walking behind a young lady and they were harassing her and she was asking them to stop and leave her alone," Kevin Bell said.

Bell says at one point the woman screamed at the four guys to stop, so he approached them.

They told him to mind his business, but he didn't walk away. Instead, he made it his business to help the girl.

"I got knocked to the ground, and when I hit the ground, I was able to get back to my feet. At that time, I got struck in the back of the head, then kind of stumbled forward. Then remember getting hit two more times in the face," Bell said.

Eventually, Bell was knocked out, and he says when he came to, the guys who had been beating him were across the field.

The girl he had stopped to help was nowhere to be seen.

"I would want somebody to step up and say something for my daughter. So I felt I was obligated to say something for this young lady," Bell said.

This act of kindness left Bell in a lot of pain. He has a chipped tooth, a bruised body and a black eye.

He also lost his wedding ring.

"It feels weird, I keep reaching down to mess with it, and it's not there," he said.

Despite Bell's discomfort, he remains concerned about a young lady he's never met.

"I just want to make sure she's OK. I want to know if she made it home OK," he said.

Bell ended up in the hospital after he walked home.

Police in La Vergne ask to give them a call if you have any information.

Bell is left with a lot of medical bills that will be hard for him to pay.

If you want to help, Bell's wife has set up a fundraising site for him at

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