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Police: Broken toy train led to Smyrna murder-suicide


An argument over a broken toy was apparently what started a family fight that ended with two people dead Thursday night in Smyrna.

Kayleigh DuPont called 911 from her cell phone, but the operator never heard any cries for help. When officers arrived at the Village Lake Apartments to check out the 911 call, they found two bodies in the upstairs bathroom.

Smyrna police say the 28-year-old mother had been shot and killed by her future brother-in-law, who then took his own life.

Family members and police tell Channel 4 News trouble had been brewing in the family for weeks.

Now, a boy who is about to turn 2 years old is without a mother. He was found unharmed downstairs by the arriving officers.

What pushed Justin Bennett, 32, to kill his future sister-in-law, then himself? Police and family members believe he was upset with DuPont for pressing charges against his father, Timothy Bennett.

Timothy Bennett said he and DuPont had a fight the day after Christmas when she was mad that her son's toy train was broken.

"So what - it's just a toy," Timothy Bennett told Channel 4 News.

On Tuesday, DuPont took out a restraining order against her father-in-law to be.

"The Bennett man who is passed away, from our determination, became consumed with this," said Smyrna Police Kevin Arnold.

DuPont's brother in England said the woman's fiance, Jason, is now caring for their son, Jacoby. Jason Bennett tonight is mourning not only his fiance but also his own brother.

"When they brought that child out last night, and here is this 2-year-old with a pacifier in his mouth, and to think that his life is impacted forever, just over something stupid and silly," Arnold said.

The chief of police said there had been an earlier incident at the home, also involving domestic violence.

DuPont's brother said Jason Bennett was not home at the time this was all happening. He was on business in Kentucky.

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