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Assistance organizations seeking cold weather gear


Last week's extreme cold in Alabama has depleted cold weather supplies for many organizations dedicated to helping others.

With freezing temperatures expected again this week, Temporary Emergency Services in Tuscaloosa is trying to collect more cold weather gear, specifically for children. TES says it is contacting local school counselors to identify children in need of cold weather clothing. TES also says school employees can contact the organization, if they know of a child in need of this.

With Alabama's typically mild weather and the cost of cold weather supplies, many children do not have clothing suited for the extreme cold.

"There's a definite need for those warming outfits for the children," TES Executive Director Karen Thompson said. "While you're waiting on the bus to come, it's still cold outside."

Thompson says many parents want their children to get as much use as possible out of their cold weather clothing, and that's another obstacle, when it comes to keeping up supplies of kids' items.

"Normally, if they're wearing it, they've worn it until they just wear it completely out. So we always have a hard time keeping children's clothing here."

TES is also compiling and distributing warming kits. First, they're targeting people over 65 years of age and people with babies. After those needs are met, TES says it will begin distributing the kits to anyone in the general population who is in need.

In addition to giving out cold weather supplies and clothing for free, TES also operates a thrift store, where people can buy these items for no more than a few dollars. Thompson says the money collected through the thrift store helps TES offer those free items and services to the community.

If you have blankets or other cold weather-gear for the warming kits, or children's cold weather clothing, you can drop the items by Temporary Emergency Services at 1705 15th Street in Tuscaloosa. You can also contact them at (205) 758-5535.

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