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ALDOT: Stopping in the right place can improve Highway 280 drive

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You might not be aware of it but on Highway 280, where you stop can determine how quickly you go.

The highway's new traffic detection system consists of a series of cameras that are used to control the lights at various intersections. The only catch is cars have to pull into the camera's view to trigger the light.

"It's much more critical then ever before for a motorist to pull up to the stop line, not beyond it, not short of it," said ALDOT Engineer Brian Davis.

When the light does change, don't wait around. Because if the system detects too big of a gap between cars, as little as three seconds, it will change the signal back to red.

"This system is designed to maximize the green time at every intersection. So it sees the need 280 has, and if a side street doesn't have a need for green, it takes that green away and gives it back to 280," said Davis.

ALDOT officials say the biggest reason that people wait around is that they simply don't realize the light has changed.

"Most of what we see is distracted driving, somebody texting, somebody on the phone. Lay it down, pay attention, get through this system, because one motorist on 280 can affect hundreds of cars behind it," said Davis.

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