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Phenix City Fire Department begins free smoke alarm campaign

The Phenix City Fire Department will be offering free smoke alarms this weekend. The Phenix City Fire Department will be offering free smoke alarms this weekend.

The Phenix City Fire Department is starting its smoke alarm campaign this weekend. The department received nearly $38,000 from the federal government that will provide free smoke alarms for 1,500 homes.

Firefighters from three stations will kick off the six month campaign. They will offer one smoke alarm per house as well as safety tips for residents in the north, middle, and south sides of the city.
The smoke alarms are designated to these areas as a stipulation of the grant.
Fire Chief Kristin Kennedy says the residents they serve need to be safe. 

"We want to do the best we can to ensure the safety of our citizens. And, if there's someone out there in these three areas that do not have a smoke alarm, we want to make sure that we offer this service to them," says Chief Kennedy. 

Firefighters will install the alarms and offer to inspect your home for fire hazards both inside and outside. They will even help map out a safety plan for the resident in case of a fire emergency.
Chief Kennedy says it's important to make sure your smoke alarm is up to date.  

"After ten years the manufacturer recommends replacing the smoke alarm. So, if there's someone out there that's in these areas that has a smoke alarm that's possibly near the time frame that needs to be replaced, we'll be there to help them replace that alarm," she says. 

The department is handing out smoke alarms with dual sensors. They are able to detect both smoke and fire.  
More information:

*Station 1 will cover from Crawford Road and 14th Street to South Railroad Street and will include streets from 7th Avenue to 18th Avenue. 
*Station 3 will cover from Seal Road to Martin Luther King Junior Parkway to 4th Place and 5th Street South. 
*Station 4 will cover North Railroad Street to 29th Street from 1st Avenue to 7th Avenue. 

Columbus residents in need of a smoke alarm can call Columbus Fire and EMS and get one for free. The number to call is 706-653-3520.

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