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Hospital employees improve their own health at work

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- CrossRidge Hospital in Wynne kicked off a new wellness program this year to help their employees "Eat Better, and Move More."

Employees sign up and keep track of their eating and exercise habits and in return will receive incentives from the hospital.

"Last year, I had a wedding, my oldest daughter got married so that was a real incentive to me to try to lose some weight," said Carol Melhorn, director of social services and discharge planning. 

She said last year she took exercise classes but the cost was too much.

"This is perfect it's free and so I think it's something we should take advantage of," Melhorn said.

After her 60th birthday Melhorn said she decided to lead a healthier lifestyle.

"I want to be able to chase after my grandchildren and I want to be able to and that once I reach my retirement I'll be able to enjoy retirement," she said.

The Eat Better Move More program was developed by the Bridges to Wellness program in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

"We see the work side as a place to really reach adults and help them be role models for their families," said Emerson Goodwin, executive director of Bridges to Wellness.

Joy Shepherd is the director of community outreach at CrossRidge Hospital and said this program is a win-win for everyone.

"We want to keep people healthy and we feel like it starts within and if our employees can make some positive changes for their own health then we can be an example and lead by example for the rest of the community," Shepherd said. 

So far 28 employees have signed up for the program and are tracking their eating and exercise habits on their dashboard.

"If they go in 80% of the time and log in then they will receive some insulated water bottles, just small incentives like that, a subscription to a health magazine for a year," Shepherd said. 

The hospital will also offer wellness classes every month and "Fresh Fruit Fridays."

The Delta Regional Authority invested $170,000 in resources to help businesses in east Arkansas live healthier lives.

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