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Attorney General unveils legislative agenda

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Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange unveiled his legislative agenda in Birmingham Wednesday. Strange is advocating cutting the time a prisoner spends on death row.

"We see years and years and years," Brandon Falls, Jefferson Co. District Attorney, said.

State prosecutors agree with Strange that too much time passes. Richard Minor, St. Clair District Attorney and President of Alabama District Attorney's Association, said it's an average of 16 years if not more on death row and that is unfair to victims' families.

"The Fair Justice Act gives a comprehensive approach to streamlining the process in death penalty cases so family members will not have to suffer decades to await justice," Minor said.

Strange hopes to cut the process down to ten years or less. Another part of Strange's agenda is allowing law enforcement to use wire taps in certain criminal cases.

"Individuals who are responsible for the most serious crimes, such as murder, kidnapping, sex offenses against children who under 12 years to name a few," Rep. Allen Treadaway of Morris said. Treadwaway is sponsoring the bill.

Another piece of Strange's legislative agenda will allow prosecutors to grant immunity and to compel testimony in criminal cases.

"Alabama is the only state in the United States that can't compel defendant to testify. It's an important tool to have to go after," Strange said.

Strange believes the legislature will pass his legislative agenda but he fears lawmakers will cut his budget because of money troubles. He says it' something that would make all of their jobs more difficult.

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