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Police come up empty handed after searching vacant building


A tip led Birmingham police and vice narcotics to search a vacant apartment building on Wednesday morning. Police said there was a possibility of illegal activity going on inside.

Police did not find anything inside the building. They got permission from the owner of the building to go inside and search.

Hazmat crews, along with Birmingham Fire and Rescue crews, were called in as a precautionary measure.

There are 48 units inside the vacant building. Teams went through each room and found nothing illegal going on inside. Even though this turned out to be nothing, police still urge people to call them if they suspect something out of the ordinary is going on.

"Even though we didn't find anything, the worst thing that we could have done was not check it, because we never know. There could have been illegal activity taking place," said Sgt. Johnny Williams with Birmingham PD. "A huge meth lab, it could have exploded. A lot of people injured in the area so we wanted to ensure everything was taken care of."

Police say the investigation is closed since they found nothing inside of the building.

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