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Wal-mart zoning issue causes stir with housing additions

Pictured: Natanya Suter Pictured: Natanya Suter

A new Wal-Mart in Southwest Lubbock is causing concern for neighboring housing additions before its walls even go up.

The new store has already been allotted 16 acres of land to build, but for the second time, it's requesting to add five more acres.

The city council will have the first reading for the issue on Thursday to decide whether the extra five acres will be granted.

The zoning committee has already approved the request for expansion because it shows good use of area. But residents say they are concerned about what the new commercial business will mean for their quiet living.

Vintage Township and Orchard Park are two housing additions that bump right up next to the lot for the retail chain.

The Orchard Park Homeowners Association has met to discuss what the new store means for them. They issued a list of requests for the City Council to consider when evaluating the expansion.

Among the list was the suggestion for a 12-foot high wall that serves as a barrier between Wal-Mart and the homes. It also asked that the store landscape be kept aesthetically pleasing.

Vintage Township residents have expressed their concerns during town hall meetings and over Facebook.

One homeowner, Natanya Suter, said there's a reason she moved to the neighborhood.

"People move out to it to get away from the commercialization," Suter said. "I guess it's coming whether we like it or not."

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