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Charges to be filed against owner after dog freezes to death

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Police plan to file class A misdemeanor animal cruelty charges against an owner after a dog froze to death Tuesday morning.

According to Longview Police Department, Longview Animal Control Officers and Longview PD responded to an animal call in the 2400 block of 13th Street at 9:22 a.m. Upon arrival, officers found a dog chained in the yard that appeared to have frozen to death. The dog's owner had not provided any type of shelter, water or food for the animal.

The dog was so frozen that a veterinarian was not able to get a temperature reading on the deceased animal.

Longview PD issued this statement regarding the incident Tuesday morning:

"Longview Police Department and Animal Control remind citizen's that we are very adamant about providing your pets with adequate food, water, and shelter, especially during the the sub-freezing temperatures. If a report is made alleging an outdoor pet is not being taken care of we will investigate and, if necessary, file appropriate charges. If someone cannot provide for their pet they are encouraged to contact animal control or the local Humane Society.

After all, don't YOU want a warm place to stay when it's cold..."

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