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Local restaurants hope for big crowds during BCS Championship

Patrons at On Tap. Source: WBRC video Patrons at On Tap. Source: WBRC video

Monday night the Auburn Tigers shot for the national championship and Jefferson County restaurants are hoping to cash in on the big night.

Christopher DeLine, Manger of Baumhower's Restaurant at Patton Creek, knows Monday night will be a wild one.

"It's going to be crazy. We have 600 people in the restaurant tonight, throughout the evening. We are going to have another $4,000 worth of catering going out the front door," DeLine said.

DeLine said they knew it was going to b a big night with Auburn in the BCS National Championship, making it five years in a row Alabama has had a state school in the championship game. DeLine said Baumhower's is beefing up for a big night.

"Compared to a normal Monday we are going to treat it like a normal Saturday shift. We are going to have every section full. Two bartenders. Five hostesses. Extra cooks. Extra management," DeLine said.

Over at On Tap Sports Café the management is also preparing for a busy night.

"First of all we want to make sure we have enough food. So we placed bigger orders. So we will have all the beer we need. A bigger order on that. We looked at last year's sales. Make sure we have what it takes to make enough service," manager James Vance said.

A big game means big crowds. Restaurants across the area is advising football fans preparing to head out Monday night to go early.

"Get here early. Once the game starts there is not going to be anywhere to sit," Vance said.

"We are going to have folks come in and told we have no idea how long you will wait. They will say okay put my name on the list," DeLine said.

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