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Customers struggling to pay power bill won't get cut off during freezing weather

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Representatives with Alabama Power and Alagasco said if you haven't paid your bill and you're on the verge of being cut off there's no need to worry as frigid temperatures approach.

With bone chilling temperatures expected next week they said they will not shut off anyone's heat.

With lows sitting in the teens and highs not too far behind heating units will be working full force and that means your bill will see a change too.

"Any time there's that type of risk we temporarily suspend the cutting of service for customers who are having problems keeping up with their accounts," Ike Pigott with Alabama Power said.

Pigott said for anyone on the brink of having their power cut off due to finances it won't happen next week.

"When temperatures get this cold they don't need to be shivering and living under the fear that their power is going to be cut off," said Pigott.

Sherry Goodman with Alagasco said the same.

She said if temperatures dip below 32 degrees no one's gas will be cut off, even if they're on the brink of having it shut off.

And if you're having trouble paying your bill there are organizations that can help.

The United Way refers people to the Jefferson County Committee for Economic Opportunity, Greater Birmingham Ministries, the American Red Cross, and Bridge Ministries.

Pigott said when it comes to weather like what we'll experience next week people's well being comes first.

"It's really based against public safety and the best interest and the health of the customer," said Pigott.

Alabama Power said they will have enough people on standby if the power does go out.

There's also information on their website, with tips on how to keep your home warm without spending a fortune.

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