Glencoe HS marching band ready for Sugar Bowl performance

The band hard at work before the Sugar Bowl. Source: WBRC video
The band hard at work before the Sugar Bowl. Source: WBRC video

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WBRC) - The Glencoe High School marching band will also represent Alabama at the Sugar Bowl Thursday.

The band will be part of a larger group of performers to entertain the crowd during halftime.

"It's just a blessing to our band, just to be able to go and support our state, Alabama. I'm really excited to see Alabama play. And, it's just a huge honor. I never thought we'd do this," Autum White, drum major, said.

The band received the invitation last year to perform and they've juggled their normal schedule of ballgames and parades while preparing for the Sugar Bowl.

Band director and Alabama fan Mike Bright will be taking his wife, an Oklahoma fan.

"Father-in-law went to University of Oklahoma. She was born and raised an Oklahoma fan, so we have a mixed marriage. I've explained to her they'll be no "boomer-sooners" yell from Alabama section," he said.

The trip to the Sugar Bowl is also a final event for the band's seniors and Bright, who is retiring.

"It's awesome, I cannot wait to go and spend the last Sugar Bowl with this amazing band. We've gone through so much together and cannot wait to go," Tristan Brown, senior, said