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Harris County man shot during card game

Police activity at the scene. Photo credit: Dante Renzulli. Police activity at the scene. Photo credit: Dante Renzulli.

Jarvis Trewick said his cousin pulled a real fast one on him Wednesday afternoon in Fortson. He said Charlie King convinced him to ride him across town without explaining that police would soon be looking for him.

Harris County deputies' vehicles lined the driveway of a home at the corner of Huling Rd. and Highway 315, investigating an argument that ended with a man shot in the chest.

Trewick lives at the shooting address with King. As Trewick was pulling up to the house, he said King casually walked outside and asked for a ride, careful not to mention that he had just shot someone.  

"They were just inside playing cards and having a good old time. Next thing you know, Charlie came out. He said 'Drop me off down the road.' I dropped him off. Then I took my car to go get my radio fixed. Then I find out that they've been shooting. I didn't even know until minutes later," said Trewick.

Trewick said his cousin's nonchalant attitude conned him into unknowingly serving as his getaway driver.

"He gave me two dollars for gas, I dropped him off like it wasn't anything, you know? I didn't know anything. If I would have known, I would have said 'Hell no!'"

Witnesses said the victim, Willie Sims, was visiting for a card game called Tonk, and prior to today, he had no reason to think there was any bad blood between them. Tonk is a variation of rummy where money is usually wagered on each hand.

Sims was transported to the hospital and is in satisfactory condition.

Charlie King's whereabouts are currently unknown and the sheriff's investigation is continues.

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