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Safety tips for Christmas returns

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The day after Christmas is a busy day for returns and big sales. But if you have your car loaded down with lots of items, police say that's a bad idea.

Tuscaloosa Police remind you to keep items out of plain sight in your vehicle. Even better, they suggest you go to one shopping center, make your purchases or returns there, take items home, then go to the next location.

Tuscaloosa Police also say pulling out lots of cash at the register can make you more likely to be a victim.

"People can watch you when you're checking out," Tuscaloosa Police Sgt. Brent Blankley said.

TPD suggests you carry a small clutch instead of a large purse, which is easier to snatch away and run. And when you're walking to and from your car, watch your surroundings.

"When you go out of a store, have your keys with you," Blankley said. "If you see something suspicious, set your car alarm off. Never be afraid to go back in the store and call the police if something doesn't look right. Your gut instinct is normally a correct one."

The Tuscaloosa Police Department also uses its Shopper Chopper to patrol local shopping areas. This involves a helicopter flying over busy shopping centers. If the officer in the air sees something suspicious, officers on the ground go to that location to check it out.

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