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Visitors Bureau reports virus infection



The Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau website reports they were infected with a virus.

They don't think hackers got access to any sensitive information, but computer experts say this serves as a reminder that anyone can be a target.

Bill Usher is a project director for Comnet Technical Solutions, says he sees new viruses pop-up everyday.

One called the "Kryptolock" is the latest virus to strike one of their clients, the Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"It slows things down, because you can't gain access to things that you need to," says Usher.

In this case, the virus was detected early and there was no financial fraud.

"They weren't able to gain access to files or folders that they normally were able to," said Usher. "And that's usually the first alert, that you're not able to conduct daily business."

Usher believes the virus came in through an email but says the avenues for viruses are limitless. He says they can even come through common USB drives.

"Whether it's a business or a personal home computer, you can't be 100% protected," reminds Usher. There's no possible way."
CTSI notes they see viruses that even attack computers with protection software.
That's why computer experts suggest always being on high alert.

"Back yourself up and make sure you have some form of anti-virus and just don't click on everything that you see," said Usher.

Because one click could lead to an infection that's hard to cure.

Experts suggest using anti-virus software applications. Some are available for free. They also remind everyone to make sure your virus definitions are up to date and renew your software subscriptions on time.


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