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Police: 10-year-old tries to sell Chesterfield classmates tea, tells them it's weed


A Chesterfield elementary school student is facing drug charges after police say he attempted to pass off tea as marijuana and sell it to classmates.

According to Chesterfield police, it happened Monday during school hours at Ettrick Elementary School.

Fifth-grader Ashley Polo was there when she says the classmate tried to sell what her friends thought were illegal drugs inside the school.

"He was trying to sell weed," said Ashley. "I felt scared mostly because I was afraid he was going to try to sell it to me."

Chesterfield police say a group of students told a teacher who then reported the incident.

Police charged the 10-year-old with intent to distribute imitation marijuana.

Legal analyst Steve Benjamin says the student will eventually face a judge who will determine what will happen next.

"The judge will decide if this juvenile needs punishment to get back on the right track or if there is something about his surrounding circumstances that requires a different type of adjustment," said Benjamin.

Those adjustments could include therapy, drug-testing for the child and even time spent in a juvenile detention center.

Ettrick Elementary is a drug-free school zone and according to a Chesterfield school spokesman, if any student is in violation of that policy they could face suspension or even expulsion.

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