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Child sex suspect after bond increase: claims 'absurd, ridiculous'

Herold is one of two men accused of holding a child captive for sexual purposes. Herold is one of two men accused of holding a child captive for sexual purposes.

A judge has increased the bond for a man charged with holding a child captive for sexual purposes.

Carl Herold's bond has been raised to $1 million. Herold and his domestic partner Charles Walker Dunnavant are accused of holding the child in a home for more than eight months.

Court documents state that Herold is under investigation for additional state and federal crimes related to these charges.

In court Tuesday, Herold frequently asked his attorney questions, and denied things sex crimes investigator Chad Smith said on the stand. Smith helped prosecutors make the case that Herold was a flight risk and a danger to the community.

Herold spoke candidly to WAFF's Sarah Navoy in the courthouse hall after the Tuesday bond hearing. Throughout his interview, he maintained there was no truth to the allegations and said he loves the victim.

When asked if he was a danger to the community, Herold replied, "It's all absurd, it's ridiculous. I read the latest charge and I don't know where they came up with this nonsense."

Prosecutor Jason Skully-Clemmons said they have evidence Herold took the victim across state lines to Disney World for criminal purposes. Herold said that accusation is absurd.

"He had a great time at Disney World. It was for his ninth birthday; he turned nine on Splash Mountain," he said.

The prosecutor maintained the 'vacation' did include sexual assault. Some of the testimony related to that trip and others was so graphic, several people left the courtroom. 

"We deal with cases like this all the time. That being said, this is probably one of the toughest cases for us to investigate or have ever seen. So if it's difficult for us, I can only imagine for other people to hear that kind of stuff," he said.

Skully-Clemmons said some of the answers Herold gave in the courthouse hall were very telling, and he may use some of the interview in the trial.

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