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Fans cheering on 3 Heisman hopefuls from Alabama

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Alabama football fans have a lot to cheer about this year with great season records, Auburn heading to the BCS Championship, and three Alabama players vying for the Heisman Trophy.

No question, Tide and Tigers fans each want their guy to win the Heisman trophy. If Alabama's AJ McCarron wins, it will give the Bama nation some silver lining to the season.

"Yeah it be very nice to have that on the board especially after our heartbreak season," said an Alabama fan.

But if Auburn's Tre Mason brings home the hardwood, chalk it up to destiny.

"It would just be another in this year of miracles I guess," said an Auburn fan.

While some of the experts think both players could finish high in the voting, most say the safe money belongs on the third finalist with Alabama ties, Jameis Winston.

WJOX talk show host Ryan Brown says there is no doubt that the Florida State quarterback will win. The only question is by how much.

"I think it would be a monumental upset if Jameis Winston doesn't win this thing," said Brown. "Once the charges were not filed in the state of Florida, I think it pretty much cinched this thing for him. He's going to win the Heisman."

That's good news for Delor Baumann, the mayor of Winston's home city of Hueytown. He's already thinking about a parade in the qb's honor.

"And of course we're going to have a sign pertaining to the Heisman trophy in Hueytown," said Baumann.

The mayor says most people in his city have known of Winston's athletic prowess for sometime. Now they're glad he's getting the recognition they believe he deserves.

"It's pretty electric. You know Hueytown has been known as the home of the 'Alabama Gang.' Now it still has that notoriety but, also notoriety as home of Heisman Trophy winner Jameson Winston."

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