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Autauga Co. man says deputies shot his dog

GG has 12 stitches where he was shot in the face. GG has 12 stitches where he was shot in the face.

An Autauga County man says his dog is recovering but may never be the same after being shot by sheriff's deputies who were at the wrong house.

Paul Wyatt says Autauga County deputies showed up to his house on Dec. 6 to serve a warrant, but they had the wrong address. He says the deputies told him as they were leaving that they'd shot his dog.

Officials with the Autauga County Sheriff's Office say the situation is under investigation, and they have no comment at this time.

Wyatt and his dog GG have been almost inseparable for six years. Wyatt says GG wouldn't hurt a fly.

On the day of the shooting Wyatt's father-in-law yelled that he'd heard a gunshot. Then the deputies showed up at the door and discovered they had the wrong address.

"They was getting ready to leave and they said 'oh by the way, we shot your dog,'" Wyatt said.

Wyatt went looking for GG and followed a trail of blood. GG had been shot in the face and the bullet was lodged in his jaw.

"It could've went in through the house, it could've went anywhere, but it lodged in his jaw and that stopped the bullet," Wyatt said.

Wyatt paid the more than $200 vet bill, but said he couldn't really afford it. Wyatt's wife, who took time off work, has filed a complaint with the sheriff's office. They hope the sheriff's office will cover their expenses.

Wyatt says GG's disposition has changed.

"He probably won't ever be like he used to be. He used to run up and invite everybody up," he said.

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