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New pilot program could make security checkpoints more pleasant


Do your dread going through those TSA security checkpoints at the airport? Well, a new pilot program being tested at Charlotte's airport could make the process easier and more relaxing.

The hope is that by adding couches and giving Checkpoint "E" more of a lounge feel, going through security won't feel so stressful and invasive.

Barbara Schriner, a traveler headed home to Delaware, said she could get used to a security checkpoint with couches.

"It's very nice, very decorative, very homey," she said. "I'm usually very nervous."

The TSA has partnered with Marriott to make checkpoint E have more of lounge feel.Charlotte Douglas and Dallas Fort Worth are the only two airports in the country trying out the program.

Not only can you relax on couches before you get in line, there's also an area for you to sit down and put your shoes on afterward.

That's probably what Cecile Beacham, another traveler, said she's most looking forward to.

"Well, because they shoulder you through like cows and you really would like to feel not so like going to jail," she said.  

For the first time, Beacham says, she's not anxious about going through security.

"Sounds great -- I can't wait to do it," she said.

Back to Schriner, who's all for seeing this at airports nationwide -- with one condition.

"Sure," she said. "[But] is that gonna mean that my ticket is going to cost more?"

Because this is a funded by privately and not by the TSA, airline tickets are unlikely go to increase because of the program.

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