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Hundreds raised for Wetumpka good Samaritan who returned $650


What would you do if you found $650 just lying in the street? It's a lot of money that can create a lot of possibilities especially this close to Christmas.

The scenario happened to a man in Wetumpka last week. What he did with the money might surprise you.

AJ Frederick was off to pay rent, a typical errand. He put the money down on top of his vehicle and then buckled his two young daughters in the car. He got distracted and ended up driving off to the rental office but forgetting all about the envelope holding the money.

"I went inside, asked if anybody had turned in anything, if anybody had seen anything. I left and went back up to where I was, drove up and down, up and down the neighborhood, retraced my steps going five miles an hour with the hazards on, hopping out of the car at every white piece of paper, for about an hour, hour and a half," Frederick recalled.

"I pulled up 15 minutes later to my landlord and property manager who had a phone number of a gentlemen that had called saying that my money had been found. He told me he opened the envelope because it felt heavy, didn't know what was in it, found money money money. Thirty minutes later he shows up on the other side of my vehicle, hops out, envelope, hands it to me, and I give him the biggest hug. I gave him like fifty hugs," Frederick said. "He saved my family's Christmas, our home, just a small act of honesty and kindness."

The man who found the money didn't want to do an on-camera interview. He told Frederick he didn't need any recognition. But Frederick would like to re-pay the man for his honesty and kindness. He's set up an account at GoFundMe.com hoping to raise $1,000 as a cash reward. 

One day after he set up the account, more than $600 had been donated. For more information and to donate, visit the GoFundMe.com page.

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