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AU student paper under fire for editorial on Bama fans

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The same week University of Alabama student newspaper The Crimson White came under fire for what some called a racist editorial cartoon, the Auburn student paper, "The Plainsman," posted an editorial pointed at Alabama fans.

Now, The Plainsman editorial board is apologizing for it.

The original column called, "Bammers are in a class of their own," was published Thursday and makes fun of Crimson Tide football fans.

Here is some of what it said:

"Most of us know that person who is annoyingly hyper-competitive and takes things way too far. He keys the car of the guy who beat him in a pick-up game of basketball. She spreads a rumor that her roommate has herpes just because she forgot to do the dishes.

In the state of Alabama, this type of person is known as a Bammer.

We won't go into all the Bammer stereotypes, even though they are quite funny and mostly true. No, we just want to take this time to show how even in the classless world of college football, Bammers make us all look like royalty."

The editorial also points to Harvey Updyke's poisoning of the Toomer's Corner oaks after Alabama's loss in the 2010 Iron Bowl, and a person who told an ESPN reporter that he "wanted to die" after a UA football loss.

Comments on were not too kind to the editorial board. All of the visible comments criticize the column.

Friday afternoon, "The Painsman's" editorial board posted an apology for the column on their website.

It in part says:

"We acknowledge both Auburn and Alabama have their fair share of fanatics who reflect poorly on their larger fanbases. It was our mistake in not pointing out that Auburn has extremist fans as well.

We want to make it known we have nothing but respect for the University of Alabama and the general fanbase.

An editorial is a piece based solely on opinion, which is completely different from an article that employs typical journalistic objectivity. We can assure you this opinion piece does not affect our commitment to journalistic standards of integrity."

You can read the entire response here: 

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