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Officials: 2 arrested in case of newlywed shot during break-in

Deputies are still searching for Khari McClelland Deputies are still searching for Khari McClelland

Investigators with the Rowan County Sheriff's Office say Marcus "Marco" Kauffman may have been shot in the head with his own gun during a botched burglary at his home.

Investigators say they have not confirmed whether Kauffman's gun was used in the crime, but that it is "possible."

Sheriff's deputies made two arrests in connection to the shooting Monday.

Jalen Turner was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Another man, Michael Dwayne Teasley, is charged with accessory after The fact.

Bond for Turner is set at $3,000,000.  Bond for Teasley is $500,000.

They appeared briefly in court Monday on charges relating to the burglary and shooting.

Deputies are still looking for 23-year-old Khari Dewayne McClelland in the case.

According to a press release, during the course of this investigation, detectives with the Rowan County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigative Division located the car that was involved in this crime, in Alexander County, and identified McClelland as a suspect.

According to arrest warrants issued for McClelland, officials believe he stole a laptop computer, a desktop computer, an Xbox gaming system, and a firearm.

The Rowan Sheriff's Investigators enlisted the help of the Statesville Police Department, and were able to recover a computer stolen from the break-in at the victim's residence, at 4270 Chenault Road in Cleveland.

On Monday, December 2, Marcus "Marco" Kauffman and his wife Maryanne were returning home from visiting family. The Kauffmans noticed the suspect vehicle parked near their home, and the vehicle appeared to be broke-down. Marcus dropped his wife off at a near-by friend's house, and returned to offer assistance to the occupants.

When Kauffman returned, he discovered the suspects appeared to be removing items from his home, which included a computer - which investigators say has now been recovered.

Kauffman called 911, and during the call asked the suspects why they were taking his stuff.

During this conversation, Mr. Kauffman told the dispatcher that shots were being fired and the call was lost. Mr. Kauffman was found in his car with a very severe gunshot wound to his head.

The suspects fled the scene with the Kauffman's property. Marco Kauffman remains in the hospital fighting for his life. To read more about Marco, click here.

Family and friends say they're relieved police have identified the suspects.

Merritt Eaton, a friend of Kauffman since childhood, says "that makes me extremely happy. We are wanting our community to be back and safe, and for people to be able to feel like they can go out at night."

Both Eaton and Kauffman serve on the Scotch Irish Volunteer Fire Department. Fellow firefighters are asking for prayers. At the Cleveland Community Volunteer Fire Department, strangers have been stopping in to donate money for Kauffman's family.

Members who attend church with Kauffman at Cleveland Believer's Fellowship Church say it makes a difference that investigators are apparently close to solving case.

"We're just glad they finally found him and hope justice will be served" says Sarah Foster. "We've been praying for the guy a lot. That God would somehow get through to him in this, and he wouldn't get away with it."

Church members say Kauffman and his wife were supposed to have left Wednesday with the church choir to sing and preach at a Florida prison. Instead, his friends and family are watching and praying for his recovery.

Investigators said Thursday two suspects are known to have been involved in this incident. Detectives are still working to identify the second suspect that was in the greenish blue 1995 Saturn two door coupe with McClelland.

Khari Dewayne McClelland's last known address is Highland Point Drive, in Harmony, NC. Khari McClelland is known to frequent Statesville, Mooresville, and Hickory.

Investigators say McClelland should be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact Staff Sergeant Jason Owens (704) 216-8683 or 1st Lieutenant Chad Moose (704) 216-8687, at the Rowan County Sheriff's Office.

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