Bentley optimistic in winning new Boeing plant

Source: MGN Online
Source: MGN Online

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Governor Robert Bentley says the state is working hard to secure a deal with Boeing for the production of the Boeing 777X.

Governor Bentley says Alabama was the first state Boeing met with and that Alabama has a lot to offer.

"First of all we have a long history with Boeing. Boeing has been in Alabama for over 50 years and the engineers in Huntsville that helped redesign the 787 Dreamliner, that's why it's flying today," said Governor Bentley.

South Carolina, Missouri and Washington are also in the running.

"I believe Boeing really wants to come to a state that really cherishes aerospace, and we certainly do," said Bentley.

Several other cities have already held special sessions to implement incentive programs to entice Boeing; however, Alabama has not held a special session yet.

"When I talked with the people from Boeing I told them we would do whatever was necessary to entice them to come to Alabama. If we needed a special session on incentives I would call it, but we will do that when it gets to the right point. We're not going to call a special session to entice them. We have to show them what a great state we have first, and then if the need arises then we put together an incentives package," said Bentley.

An aerospace analyst in Virginia believes Boeing will stay in Washington. He gives them an 89 percent chance of enticing Boeing. The analyst gives Charleston a 10 percent chance, and all other contenders a one percent chance in persuading the company to build in their state.

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